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A Strong Mindset for Long Scenes

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

Crime scenes never come at the ideal time, nor are they cut and dry or quick. Though sometimes the adrenaline rush of a new scene or case will help you endure those long hours, sometimes you are already burnt out to begin with.

What is your mindset when this does happen? Is it dread, worry, or fear? Do you feel trapped? I can honestly say I have felt all of these things at one time or another. On the flip side, I have also felt excited, intrigued, and blessed.

Having the right mindset when you approach a scene can make all of the difference in the outcome of your night. For instance, if you arrive at a crime scene in a grumpy mood, and anticipating that no good will come out of you being there, chances are not much good will come out of your presence. You can’t do your work successfully if your mind and heart are not in it.

How do we change our mindset when we get a new case? Step back, and view the positives.

  1. You have a job that is never going away.

  2. You have a career many people find interesting, yet few actually follow.

  3. You are there because you are skilled.

  4. You are helping a victim seek justice.

Each of these things can help you change your mindset and better your experience, thus bettering your work. Number 4 should be your biggest reason for your mindset change. Without the crime scene investigators, much would be lost at a scene. Every detail in every case counts and every detail helps to make the case a successful one!

In order to maintain that strong mindset, it is important to let yourself have downtime in your time off. A good reset can help you gear up to be your best for each and every crime scene you work.

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