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Crime Scene Preparation, Be Prepared Every Time

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

As a CSI, you will typically spend several hours on one crime scene. Aside from waiting for each warrants to be written, edited, submitted, and signed, there are numerous tasks that must be completed at each and every crime scene. You must be briefed of the situation, figure out your processing and collection plan, take photos, and much more.

Most of us have a vehicle or at the very least a “go” bag with equipment we need. However, it can be time consuming and often it can be easy to forget to restock your vehicle or bag. I used to make it a point after every crime scene to go through my car and bag and restock whatever was needed so I was ready for the next call out. We all know how the CSI life goes though, and how easy it is to get lost in the chaos.

One way you can save yourself some time is by making a checklist for your car, bag, and for each crime scene. If you make these checklists once, you will have them every time you’re called out. Include supplies, ideas for processing and documenting better, and tasks that must be completed each time.

I love a good list, and make them for just about everything in life! They make a difference when it comes down to the wire. Staying organized and prepared at each crime scene you attend will mean you can do your best for that scene, victim, and their family.

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