Evidence Tape-The Necessary Evil

Evidence Tape-A Necessary Evil

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

We all know that evidence tape is absolutely necessary, but can really be a pain to use. It usually bubbles or rips, and by the time you have packaged all of your evidence, you may be like me where it ends up in your hair an stuck on your shoes.

Why do we use evidence tape? We use it because we need it. It is far better for the chain of custody to have actual evidence tape on evidence than some other tape. It is proper, and much more official to have actual evidence tape along with the date and your initials on the package.

Taction USA’s take on evidence tape is far more improved than most tape that is in the market. It is thicker, goes on smoothly, and is durable so it doesn’t rip. Evidence tape has always been difficult to work with until now!

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