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Luminol-Where it All Began

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

Luminol has allowed investigators to detect blood that cannot be seen right away for decades. If you have ever used Luminol, you know that excited feeling you get once you apply it to an area and that blue glow appears before your eyes! The chemical reacts to certain components contained in blood such as iron and copper. Furthermore, photographing an area enhanced by Luminol makes a huge difference in your crime scene photos, your evidence, and the presentation of your case.

Where did the use of Luminol begin? Though some sources state the blood enhancing chemical may have been around prior to 1928, it was during that time, the chemical really began to get its’ claim to fame. During that year, a Chemist from Germany discovered certain substances could be enhanced with the use of an alkaline solution which contained hydrogen peroxide. However, it wasn’t until the year 1936 that it was verified the chemical could be used for enhancing blood. A year later, studies and research were put into play to confirm the use of Luminol at crime scenes. Through those studies, the blood enhancing chemical regent soon became more prevalent in crime scene processing and documentation.

Due to this discovery all those decades ago, investigators have been able to uncover blood that otherwise may have gone unnoticed!

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