Quality Fingerprint Powder Makes a Difference

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

Latent fingerprints are some of the most important pieces of evidence that investigators come across. This is because latent fingerprints are one of the best forms of identification, aside from DNA.

When you collect latent fingerprints, the type of powder you use makes a difference. Lifting prints is an art form. You need to use just the right amount of powder and you need to use the brush in just the right way. Every print you lift is important as it may lead you to the identity of a suspect, victim, or an unidentified individual.

Taction USA’s Basic Detective Kit has everything you need to lift prints the best way possible. Each kit has a standard brush and fingerprint powder, hinge lifters, a magnifying glass, magnetic powder, and a magnetic fingerprint brush.

Remember that every piece of evidence deserves the best treatment!

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