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Small, But Effective Tools

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer

Without flashlights, crime scene investigators could not do their jobs. Another tool that can be equally important is the blacklight. It can make a difference instantly in your case. When you reveal evidence you didn’t even know was there, you will have more to work with on your case, and more pieces of the puzzle in front of you.

Taction USA’s blacklight is durable, small, yet very effective. It can easily fit in your pocket! What’s more it is powerful and you can rest at ease that you will never miss a piece of “hidden” evidence.

Once you find additional evidence, you have to document it. With Taction USA’s blacklight, your photos will come out better than ever. The best part is it’s budget friendly, easy to use, will last, and may be stored in your pocket.

Every case is different, every scene is different make sure you have the right tools and all the tools you may need, all the time.

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