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Taction USA is a CSI's Go-To!

Illinois, March 2022- Taction USA, the forensic product company, has developed numerous new products for CSIs, detectives, and patrolman! From evidence tape, fingerprint dusting kits, to apparel, Taction USA has everything you need to be the best CSI possible.

Yaiza Santiago, a Crime Scene Technician/Forensic Services professional, has used several of Taction USA’s items because they are reliable and user friendly. Among the many items she has tried out, she holds high regard for the detective fingerprint kit, keychain and the crime scene log. Santiago says she finds the fingerprint kit useful and convenient.

“It keeps everything organized and clean which is a bonus”, said Santiago. “Having both powders and brushes readily accessible also helps me to interchange between them quickly. I highly recommend it.”


Taction USA’s keychain is another item that holds great potential. “I keep all of my work keys together, “ said Santiago “I clip them on and never have a problem losing my keys.” The keychain is also very durable.

Santiago also has the crime scene log and has tested its’ waterproof feature herself. “It works for me since I have to respond to scenes rain or shine.” She also said that patrol officers would benefit from the log since it is easy to maintain.

Taction USA forensic products are curated and sourced by active US Law Enforcement and Crime Scene Professionals. We know what departments expect of our products, because we use them too!

We founded Taction USA with one goal in mind: to provide high-quality, professional, forensic products with the speed of Amazon Prime. We know that every product counts, and we were tired of other companies providing slow services and forcing departments to make huge orders just to meet their “minimums.” We knew we could make better products and provide better services because we’re fellow law enforcement too.

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