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Taction USA Offers Fast Service and High-Quality Products!

Taction USA Offers Fast Service and High-Quality Products!

When it comes to forensic products, look no further than Taction USA! While other companies require a minimum amount to place an order, Taction USA provides the option of ordering as much as or as little as you need. Every shipment is shipped within a day or so of ordering making keeping up on your evidence supplies easy.

Each item from Taction USAhas been carefully designed by active law enforcement, crime scene investigators, and other forensic professionals. Taction USA also takes it a step further by improving the products they make. For example, our Waterproof Crime Scene Log, is like no other on the market. Not only does it keep your written log intact, it dries flat as if it never got wet in the first place.

Waterproof Crime Scene Log

You will find anything you may need at Taction USA. Whether you need a fingerprint brush, evidence tape, a crime scene log or more, you can find it at one easy stop. Taction USAis constantly adding new products that every CSI needs!

Furthermore, check out our apparel! Every public safety professional needs some swag, check out our collection of shirts and sweatshirts;there is something for everyone whether you are a law enforcement officer, a CSI, or a forensic scientist.

CSI Last Responder

Check out Taction USA today for all of your crime scene needs!

Taction USA was founded in 2020. Our forensic products are curated and sourced by active US Law Enforcement and Crime Scene Professionals. We know what departments expect of our products, because we use them too!

We founded Taction USA with one goal in mind: to provide high-quality, professional, forensic products with the speed of Amazon Prime. We know that every product counts, and we were tired of other companies providing slow services and forcing departments to make huge orders just to meet their “minimums.” We knew we could make better products and provide better services because we’re fellow law enforcement too.

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