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The Best and Worst of Crime Scene Investigation

Blog 1, Taction USA

We have all been to some interesting and/or crazy scenes. However, for most CSIs there is definitely a scene that can be determined as the worst encountered as well as one that is the “best”. Each month, we will feature a best and worst CSI moment from one of you!

To kick off this blog, I will start with my best and worst moments as a CSI. The agency I worked for was small, and due to my training, I was the evidence technician, the crime scene investigator, and processed and analyzed latent fingerprints.

Among my best moments as a CSI, I would, say finding, collecting, processing, and analyzing latent fingerprints that led to an arrest were among my absolute best moments. That feeling when you get a hit on a fingerprint, then look further only to find you have a match is great! A few times I was able to prove someone was at a location when they were insistent, they never were.

As far as the worst moments go, one of the worst (yet funny later) was when an officer came to my office requesting my assistance in the bay of the police department. When I got there, there was a vehicle that had been seized. I asked if they needed help processing the vehicle only to find that was not the case. Apparently, they could not open the trunk of the vehicle and since I am a small individual, wanted me to climb from the backseat into the trunk to pop it open. The car of course was your typical vehicle that is seized complete with trash, BO stench, and who knows what else. I was able to make my way from the back seat into the trunk, pop it open, to see the officers staring at me from outside of the car. Unfortunately, we did not find anything of value in the trunk after all of that, but they did let me stay and help finish the search warrant.

-Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA.

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