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The Right Fingerprint Powder

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

Just as in any given occupation, having the right equipment and tools makes a world of a difference. In the world of crime scene investigation and forensics, one of the best tools you can have is fingerprint powder.

Processing for fingerprints happens at scenes, later on evidence seized, and at crime labs. And Latent fingerprints are just as important of an identifier as DNA. With such an important piece of information at stake, it is best to have reliable fingerprint powder when you are lifting those prints!

Another note, and reminder, is that with fingerprint powder a little bit goes a long way. Meaning, don’t overuse or waste powder. All you need to is a little on your brush to get a great print. When you have the right powder this will allow you to get the best latent print possible.

At Taction USA, we strive to make the best evidence tools. As professionals who have either formally been in the field or are currently investigators, we know what evidence technicians need.

When it comes to evidence, we are the experts!

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