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Why I order from my competition...

Why I sometimes order from my competition… Yes, sometimes we order a smattering of products from our competitors in the space. We like to check the quality, packaging, speed, service, accuracy of orders, etc. So recently we ordered some things from a much larger forensics company. Let’s call them "Big Forensics" to preserve their anonymity. I had to call and make an order since the site was a little bit much to navigate. Too many products to sift through and I had my eye on a few specific things I wanted to get anyway. So I talked to a very friendly sales rep. Nice touch there, they looked up the items I needed and confirmed them. Easy enough. Gave them our shipping info and credit card number. +3 points to Big Forensics for the friendly rep About a week later the packages showed up. Not super impressed with that speed, but I guess I had no real rush to get these anyway. -2 points for slow shipping Opened up the boxes and this is when things took a turn. One of the products was not what I ordered… not really even close. Same type of category but very different than what I wanted. -5 points Okay I’ll call them and see what the deal is. Mistakes happen. Called the rep... "Hmmm can’t seem to find your order hold on"… (on hold for several minutes) Can you give me that order number again? (Back on hold again) I can’t seem to find your information for some reason. Asks for phone number, address etc. (back on hold). Finally finds the order. I explain what I ordered versus what I received. Then I get hit with this news-

"oh right! we were out of stock on what you ordered so we sent you this instead." Wait. What?

I explain the difference between the two types of products and why I wanted the one type I ordered. To sum up the rest of that conversation I am now the proud owner of a lot of a particular item that was almost, kinda sorta close to what I wanted The good news is… I was reminded why we started Taction in the first place and why we focus on getting you all EXACTLY what you ordered. Nothing more, Nothing less. And certainly nothing almost kinda sorta close to what you ordered... Big Forensics can take a hike!

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Taction USA is an LEO owned and operated forensics supply company. ALL products are designed and curated by active duty LEOs and CSI professionals, for their fellow men and women behind the POLICE tape. They have better prices and don't have any of the restrictions the traditional forensic supply companies have- no minimum order size and no crazy long shipping times or fees.

Get only what your department needs and get it with Prime shipping!

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