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Why we created Taction…

Why we created Taction…

Taction USA was created by a detective who got tired of “other” forensic companies making it a ridiculous feat to order supplies.

Frustrated with the current forensic supply businesses we began looking for alternatives. But when we looked for a better supplier we couldn’t find one that didn’t have crazy high prices, or had huge minimums, or slow shipping.

So we figured if we can’t find exactly what we needed, we’d make it ourselves.

Build a business with products we would want and use ourselves....

We knew could do a better job and make better products for departments. Because…well we’re making them for ourselves! We’re using them too in the field, so we knew what was expected in terms of quality and a simple business model.

We got tired of using low quality forensic products that took forever to get here.

Plus we had to order ten times what we actually needed just to fit their “minimum order size”

Who needs that many hinged lifters all at once…. Seriously. It was too many.

With department funding becoming an ever increasing challenge, no one should have to order more than what they need.

This is why we founded Taction. To solve a problem we got tired of. And we knew other departments were tired of it too.

So if you need forensics supplies find us at or on Amazon. (Links are below too)

You need one single fingerprint brush? Boom. We got you covered. No more having to order 5+ of them, when all you needed was one!

No account sign ups.

No verification emails.

No minimum order sizes.

No nonsense.

Everything we sell is listed on Amazon Prime, so it ships FAST! Better forensic products paired with the best fulfillment business that exists to date (Amazon).

Get exactly what you need when you need it!

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Taction USA is an LEO owned and operated forensics supply company. ALL products are designed and curated by active duty LEOs and CSI professionals, for their fellow men and women behind the POLICE tape line. They have better prices and don't have any of the restrictions the traditional forensic supply companies have- no minimum order size and no crazy long shipping times or fees.

Get only what your department needs and get it with Prime shipping!

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