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Go With Your Gut

By: Hilary Rodela, Lead Digital Content Writer for Taction USA

We have all heard about “gut instinct” or “going with your gut” on decisions or situations. Gut instinct is an attribute that most people have, but not everyone listens to it. Intuition as it more formally called, can behoove you in your personal life. When you drive down the road on your way to work, but something is telling you to go the alternative route you rarely take, do it. Chances are, there is a reason you feel that way.

Investigators usually have very good intuition. This is partly natural instinct, and partly due to the work itself. A Crime Scene Investigator, is exposed to all types of situations. This exposure educates the investigator and as a result that “gut instinct” is able to become more apparent.

Intuition can help in cases as well. For example, if you are processing a crime scene, and you find a piece of evidence that may or may not be relevant, you should collect it anyway. If you are already contemplating collecting it, you should take it. You may find that it leads to something bigger later.

The same may be said of safety at a scene. If you have a bad feeling, listen to it and take the proper steps to maintain safety.

Don't ever let that nagging feeling we all experience annoy you. Instead, listen to it, tap into it, it may surprise you more often than not.

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